Whom Do We Serve?

Many of our clients are hard working professionals living extremely busy lives that can make it hard to have healthy, nutritious, home-cooked meals. We at Tastebuds Personal Chef Service fill that gap to provide specialized meals suited to your tastes and dietary requirements.

How Does This Work?

At TasteBuds Personal Chef Service, we believe that meals should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience - a time to nourish the body and refresh the soul. That's why we take the time to find out exactly what you like to eat, design a menu exclusively for you, and prepare your meals during an in-home cook day. No more shopping, agonizing over what's for dinner, or resorting to unhealthy restaurant meals. Let TasteBuds Personal Chef Service simplify YOUR life!

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Who Prepares Your Food?

TasteBuds Personal Chef is owned and operated by Linda Gauvry of Mechanicsburg, PA. Linda’s skills as a personal chef coupled with her approach to satisfy your culinary tastes makes her the perfect choice as your personal chef. Linda provides personal chef services in the Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg and Carlisle areas.

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